Summer Project(reflection)

The summer task was a very challenging and intresting as it was an eye opening to me before the course started. Basically the task gave me a big starting point after acheiving my diploma(foundation) in the same proffesion.

The theme of the assignment was to imagine the departure of a loved one who has gone or left for ever,the concept was to find and trace the signs of the person who had left.

First of all, I started by selecting a suitable place where by I could photograph the signs of some one who had left, I had made a decision of by using my elder brother’s room for the task,well as I started the task, it took me some time to find out in what exactly I had to shoot and search for the signs which could show that some one had left for ever.

After choosing the place I was going to shoot, I had to sit down, and had started thinking more about the task where by I had to plan and what to consider when I should take the photographs for example time.

I had planed of taking as many pictures as possible from different angles and positions, not forgetting the close up photographs,close ups could show the details of the signs found.(depending on size). I started shooting from the bed first where by I photographed the bed from different parts including the pillow,blanket and bed the middle of the bed I had to focus at the folds of the bed sheet closely and also decided on what to leave and what to take in the frame of the camera and in this case, in the composition, I had selected  very few objects which could interpret the theme.(taking shoots from the edge of the bed was a challenge to me).

After I had taken the photographs, my idea was to relax a bit and then select the pictures which were suiting the theme/project. I had planed to keep the top 8 photographs,the photographs included left hair,bed sheet folds,a belt left and socks hanging on the edge of the bed.

I had noticed some thing which was,you do not require a lot of things in the frame to take a good photograph. From my past experience I would say the type of the camera matters a lot so I had used a SLR, simply because of the fast shooting speed(shutter speed) and its pixels in order to bring out a good and clear photograph.

Well this task had asked me to put in more efforts so that I could be ready for the coming assignments. I became more focused on the details of each and every thing I had come across well as a junior photographer I knew that photography can be used as finding evidence or solving difficult problems.

Lastly, I would say it was a good experience doing the summer project, it was some thing which I didn’t do before and so I had enjoyed it.(photography is all about expressing your feelings and what people think about your photographs)


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