Greater than the whole(using the light meter and the mamiya camera)

The project we were given was called Greater Than The Whole,in the project we had to produce a structure that can only be seen by bringing up more than one photograph using the mamiya camera and the light meter.

Before starting the project,first of all we had to team up in the class room and then go out for the project,my team mate was called chris,before starting the project me and my team mate decided what to do and how to plan the project,lastly we agreed to photography a building.

Before we photographed the subject we tried to sketch it and divided it into 10 parts as we could only shoot the subject 10 times(film has got 10 rounds) using the mamiya camera.we had to fit the mamiya camera on a tripod in a suitable place,we used a tripod so that the camera is firm and avoid blurry photographs.

We took turns in measuring the natural light available using the light meter and shooting the subject which was enjoyable as well as experience giving as we noted the results.


1st shot-F8 1/125 (Chris)

2nd shot-F5.6 1/125(Me)

3rd shot-F5.6 1/125(Chris)

4th shot-F5.6 1/125(Me)

5th shot-F5.6 1/125(Chris)

6th shot-F5.6 1/125(Me)

7th shot-light meter was gathering more over cast sky light.(Chris)

8th shot-F.8 1/125(Me)

9th shot-F8 1/125 (Chris)

(most of the results were the same because the sun light stayed constantly)

some photographs of evidence.


photographed from the side ways,taken by Chris

After taking the photographs of the subject,we took the film to the film processing machine(covering the film and making sure it is not exposed to light).

we were told to divide(cut)the negatives into 3 parts and then 2 parts which remained,we took the negatives to the darkroom ,i had to use photographic paper,putting it under the machine and then putting the negatives on top of the photographic paper,bringing an image which is not seen on top of the photographic paper.

I had to put the photographic paper into the developer for 1 minute,then shifting it to the stop bath for 30 seconds,after doing that i had to put the paper into the fixer for 2 minutes and then into the washing tub for 2 minutes,lastly,i had to put the print into the drier.

20 seconds testing

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