Experiencing The Nikon 9000 Scanner.

When i heard i am going to learn and use a new machine,i was so excited and happy.the new machine was called the Nikon 9000.
This machine is used in scanning the negatives.
well,i started off by switching on the Nikon 9000 by pressing the button in front of the great machine.
Then i opened the Nikon software which was already installed.I had to insert the film(negatives)into the Nikon 9000 holder and then into the scanner.
As a new user of the machine i used the guide lines which were given to me.
As i followed the guide line,i had to go to the settings after i had opened the Nikon browser.I had to go to the negative(colour) and then selecting the size which was 6by7cm according to the format of your film.Looking at the guide,i had to change the settings to Calibrated RGB.
I had to go to the setting palette,which also looked like a vertical tab,as i clicked on it,this showed a preview sized picture of the film i inserted in the scanner.
Using the guide lines,i had to use the tool palette which showed the following
-lay out tools
-use the arrows to flip the images or rotate.
-keep this output size fill in the maximum desired output size of the final image.
well,i had to find the resolution size which was 400dpi,so i changed it to 400dpi.
Going to the layout tools,i had to select the selection button in the preview window.I had to drag the selection area to choose the area that i wished to scan.
Back to layout tools,the guide said”choose the target symbol to activate the focusing marker”which i did.
This brought up a similar symbol on the image to be scanned.well we were told to use photoshop for the editing(optional)the image.
I had to click the scan button,once the image was scanned,i had to save the image on the computer by going to “file” and then “save as”.
the problem i faced.
I directly saved the file to my flash drive which actually didnt work.I tried the same thing several times thinking i will go through and finish the work,good enough i got some help from my tutor were by he saved the file on the computer first then copied it to the flash drive.

scanned a photograph from a film using the Nikon 9000


2 thoughts on “Experiencing The Nikon 9000 Scanner.

  1. It’s great to finally see that you’re documenting your technical learning here. The better news is that i understood the processes you explained on using the scanner and that’s all that matters. Very good work, Talha.

    ~ Chris

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