what is portraiture?

Portraiture is the capturing of a person or a group of people by the use of photography,in which the face and expressions are important and shown clearly.A portrait is an image which is also composed mostly where by the subject looks at the camera.
Portraiture was introduced since the camera was made.Portraiture photography is more easy than portrait painting.
styles of portraiture.
There are many ways and diffrent techniques for portreture,where by usually the photographer captures the subject’s face including the eyes in a sharp focus while leaving the other elements in soft focus.In portraiture,individually the features of the subject might be focused in the composition such as hands being part of the subject.
Photographing the head can be another style of portraiture by being on its own.

Examples of different portraits.

websites about portraiture.

– http://blog.epicedits.com/2007/12/10/16-inspirational-portrait-photography-techniques/




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