Experimenting with black and white(use of photoshop)

i like it fresh and clean like running water from a tap

i take photography as a game and its my passion,i never want to loose,i want people to love my photographs

i was walking in my garden(Uganda)seeing the sun hitting the fruit, couldn't resist and i had to run back inside the house,pick my Nikon and shoot the subject.

imagining its dark,no one is there and you are in the kitchen alone with only one small tube light on.

these creatures live their own,we should learn from them

just a stem but it grows don't kill it.

this creature is sharp and active,i learn some lessons from nature.

i am half Ugandan,nature is my weakness.

to gain some thing we need to loose some thing,hard work pays in the end.

photographing in my village(Pakistan)yes thats how transport started,its a good feeling watching people using carts.



2 thoughts on “Experimenting with black and white(use of photoshop)

  1. Not bad Talha.

    Remember what Jonathan was doing with the histogram and reaching the highest zones of detail. This is not present in some of yout images, unless i am mistakened.

    If you want, i’ll show you by editing one of your images,

    ~ Chris

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