Chrismas task

 Practice:Mera Chake(My Village)

I was very excited about the new task given for the chrismas holidays,the most exciting part of the task was photographing using digital or analouge camera and produce one or more images a day,we had to photograph our surroundings or the enviroment we live in.

While I waited for the holidays to start,I had an idea of what I was going to do,my plan was to stay in the village(Multan,Pakistan)with my grandfather and a close cousin for the task,I planed to move around the village and photograph the local people,their life style,way of living and the way of work,I had thought of photographing the farms and the type of food, the villagers liked to grow.Well,all this included the surrounding and the environment I was going to live for the holidays.I wanted to show the environment in Multan to the people who haven’t got a chance to see how it looked.



6 thoughts on “Chrismas task

    • Melissa,thank you very much,i always try to take diffrent kinds of photographs,photographing in Pakistan is always fun and easy,i mean no one stops you from photographing(you can also photograph the people with out permision)unlike Uganda were by in some cases you have to pay the person you are photographing.for example it depends if i would look at cultures,Pakistan is one good example to look at,then if its Nature,i would look at East Africa.

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