Proposal for the final choice(Assignment 2) 151MC

The three topics I choose for initial research before writting a 300 word proposal for the final choice were Eating disorders,Ageing population,and finally Farming

Starting with Eating disorders, I found out this happens when a person eats abnormally,the sufferer will not like to engage with family or friends,feels irritated, annoying e.t.c,I also found out eating disorders are most commonly found in the United States of America,eating disorders affecting the female in the U.S.A are estimated by 5 to 10 million although the risks of eating disorders in male are less as estimated 1 million.(

My second choice was Ageing population,I had looked at the ageing population in the U.K and found out 10 million people in the U.K were 65 years old,the latest projections are for 5 million more elderly people in 20 years time and it is said the number will have nearly doubled to around 19 million by 2050.after reading a few websites I also found out 3 million people are aged more than 80 years and it will double by 2030 and reach 80 million by 2050.

My third choice was Farming,I had looked at agriculture under farming in Pakistan and found out 23 percent of agriculture contributes to the economy of Pakistan,going ahead I found out in 2005 Pakistan was the largest producer and supplier of agricultural products and wheat, sugarcane,cotton,oranges,mangoes and rice are mostly grown.

300 word proposal

After looking at the three topics I looked at,I felt I was confortable with farming and wanted to continue the research,as having an agreculture based background I had some ideas of what farming is all about and wanted to learn more.looking at farming,I had seen it as a large and wide topic,therefore I planed to look at the tools and machinery used in the farms   in different ages.

I was interested in researching more about tools and machinery because I wanted to know how technology could change the farming skills and techniques,the other reason was,when ever I used to travel to Pakistan where by I always found my grandfather using diffrent tools and machines for farming, in that case this motivated me to go ahead and research more about tools and machinery in farming.

I was also intrested in knowing why farmers use diffrent tools and machinery in diffrent areas and wanted to know the reasons,as I continued,I wanted to find out the importance of new tools and machinery in farming and how could a farmer benefit and on the other side I wanted to find out the disadvantages of using new and advanced technology.

looking at different countries I was interested in finding out the tools and machinery used mostly for different jobs for example from my own knowledge in Pakistan most of the middle class farmers use tractors and trolleys to carry cotton,sugarcane and wheat and for the low class farmers using the bull cart.


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