Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait(National Portrait Gallery)

It was a good experience watching the work of different photographers,I had learnt many things from the work of the different photographers for example looking at the style,the way they photographed and so on.

Looking at the work of the photographers,I had tried to write some notes about the photographs I was interested in.

This photograph was taken by Mario Marina and it was one of my favorite picture’s found in the National Portrait Gallery,I liked the color combination between the background and the subject,looking at the photograph,there was a meaning and the viewer could understand what the photograph talked about(sad expression)The photograph was well balanced also.

This photograph was taken by Taylor wessing,after looking at the photograph I had to agree that the photograph was taken from a good position as it was well balanced,I liked the dull background(dark green)which also rhymed with the subject.

This portrait was taken by a photographer called Mark Johnson.The photograph was taken from a close range and the viewer can see the details of the subject,the edges of the subject are blur,I liked the way how the photographer keeps his background in dark color and leaving the subject in bright colors,meaning the viewer could see the subject clearly although the photographer did not take the shot from a good angle,cutting the upper head.

A photograph taken by Simon Bremner,here I liked the way how the sunlight hits the subject creating a shadow at the background in other words it was taken from a good position,the photograph is creative I mean the subject is not looking at the camera and looks outside the window,which brings a question to my mind’what is she looking at?’


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