The task was to borrow some photographs from a friend,using Photoshop I had to edit the photographs and make them my own style(Appropriation)I had borrowed Hollie’s photographs and by asking for permission in which I was allowed, I reworked on some of the photographs, Hollie took.

Looking at the bright colors and the dark colors of the original photograph I planed to use Photoshop to edit the picture,my idea was to bring out the color contrast by making it black and white,according to me the black and white looked better than the original picture because of the shouting colors.

After looking at the original photograph,I decided to add some objects and make it look real and creative,I added a switch near the heater and also added a patch of paint,the idea was to show ‘some one playing,may be a child who was playing with the balloon and also tried to paint’.In this case the viewer can understand what had happened and what the photographs is trying to show out.

Here my idea was to crop the extra objects for example the wall on the left of the picture and make the subject clean and clear,I also added a black frame around the portrait to make it more beautiful and attractive.


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