Google Street View.

The concept behind this was to learn how we can get images through Google(Google earth/Google street view).we were given specific places to look at.I was looking at Huntingdon,WV.A(obesity),as we know Huntingdon is the fattiest place, found in America,My idea was to relate and create images about obesity in Huntingdon.We were asked to use Photoshop and change the images.Here,first of all I had taken a screen shot of a fast food restaurant called Burger  King then used Photoshop to put the black frame around the picture making it look better.

In this picture I am trying to show a woman who is unfit and trying to call a taxi(maybe)my idea was to change the picture into Black And White so that I could show out the color contrast and the shadows on the bottom right side of the picture.

I planned to take a screen shot of a leading fast food called McDonald’s,using Photoshop I cropped the tools found on Google map and then type the McDonald’s slogan.

Here I had taken a screen shot of a restaurant called Five Guys,the idea here was to show the cars near the restaurant, meaning  people in Huntington are interested in eating fast food mostly.

A picture of PizzaHut,I had cropped the picture after the screen shot,I was trying to show out how people love eating junk food(a car getting out PizzaHut)

A screenshot of Applebees Neighbourhood Grill,I tried change the contrast and kept the picture in Black And White,also leaving the Google map tools(bottom right).

Here I had taken a screenshot of the computer screen showing all the tools,my idea was to show a picture of vehicles parked near a building,meaning,people in Huntington use vehicles where ever they move,in that case there is luck of exercise.

A screenshot of Friendlys,using photoshop I kept the light low and leaving the contrast abit high while leaving the Google tools.

I had clicked on the Sapsuckers view point(restaurant) on the Google map and then had taken a screen shot,letter on used Photoshop and did the invert style.My idea was to make the picture abit creative and use different colors from other pictures above.


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