Assignment 1 151MC Topic: Farming.

In assignment 1, the topic we had chosen from assignment 2 would become our subject for assignment 1,we were given a number of characters in which we had to choose our own photographic artifacts, the concept here was to communicate your idea or message to your chosen audience.

After finishing my digital presentation on Tools And Machinery under Farming, I had an idea of what I was going to do for  assignment 1.


My first idea

My chosen audience was Pete,Pete is a retired butcher from Dublin. He is time rich but cash poor, he has no internet connection in his home.

I chose Pete as my selected audience because, he was time rich which meant he could do farming as he was not busy with other things where as he could get some money from doing farming for a living.

My main point was to convince the selected audience to do farming or get a job in a farm. well the next thing I did was photographing the tools and farm machinery in Warwickshire,My plan was to use Photoshop and edit these pictures, Looking at the chosen audience, my plan was to make a cheap photo book which was affordable. The idea was to get sugar paper and bind them together using a string and lastly, I had to stick the photographs inside the photo book.(so that Pete a poor man could buy the photo book and could get interested in farming after looking at the pictures of tools and farm machinery)

some of the Photographs I had taken.

My second idea.

In my second idea, I had planed to choose Jennifer, A 60 year old fine art collector from New York who visits galleries regularly and has a large collection of prints and rare books.

I had chosen Jennifer as my selected audience because,she visits galleries regularly and has a large collection of prints(Jennifer is  interested in viewing galleries), galleries could be one of the easiest way of sending my message to others threw photography.

My main Idea here was to give a massage to the selected audience was that, farming was a good thing to do.As a starting point I had first planed to photograph different kinds of organic(mostly) foods grown in the farms and also trying to shoot people selling food(especially fruits and vegetables) in the local markets.As I continued with this idea, I felt I was confident and could continue with the idea for my project.


After looking at my main idea ‘farming was a good thing to do’, I felt I could make it shorter by saying it as ‘farming is a good thing to do on a smaller scale’.Before I could continue,I had to look at the climate using the internet,just to make sure if farming could be done.I also looked at the foods grown in USA(depended on the weather/climate).

Totals and averages

Annual average high temperature 62.3 °F
Annual average low temperature 48.0 °F
Average temperature 55.2 °F
Average annual precipitation 46.2 in.
Days per year with precipitation 121 d.
Average annual hours of sunshine 2677 h.

Fruits and vegetables grown.


Lemons,Strawberries,Spring Onions,Spinach,Beets,Fava beans,Garlic,Lettuces,Peas,Radishes,Carrots,Cherries,Turnips.


Sweet-peppers,Beets,Blackberries,Blueberries,Carrots,Cherries, Chilies,Corn, Cucumbers,Eggplant,Garlic,Green Onions,Lettuce,Okra.


Cabbage,Carrots,Lemons,Onions,Sweet Potatoes,Turnips, Broccoli.

Here to prove my point to the targeted audience I did some research and let know the audience why farming should be done on a smaller scale.

– This leads to a healthy active,outdoor life style,for the aged people after retirement exercise also continues.

– Fresh fruits and vegetables grown on a smaller scale(allotments/family farms) tastes good as they are grown naturally(grown with out using chemicals mostly).

– The trees and plants that are grown reduce the carbondioxide levels in the atmosphere.

– Having allotments/family farms, is a great place to meet new people, make friends and it is a way to participate in the community.

– Having a family farm/allotment helps the family member to spend much time together for example helping each other in growing the plants.

– Having family farms/allotments protect the local biodiversity for example the flowers on the plants attract the insects which also help in pollinating.

– In some cases, farming can increase the local economy.

– Allotments/family farms provide a space for relaxing.

As I continued my research, I had found out 82percent of Americans were concerned about the decreasing number of American farms and just less than 2percent of the American population was directly involved in farming, I had asked my self, why getting worried?I mean you can also do farming,you can do it on a smaller scale which is easy to handle also.

As I continued with my project,I had a question, and the question was ‘do the photographs above relate to the message I was trying to give to the selected audience?. Well, looking at the photographs I had taken before didn’t relate to the message I was trying to give, in that case I had planned to photograph some thing relating to farming,there fore I looked at the allotments in Kenilworth using the google map, just to have an idea of where I was going to photograph.

Going ahead, my idea was to photograph people and their family farms/allotments in different angles and positions, I also talked to different people and took there view about farming on a small scale.

Mr.John, a lorry driver(retired) said ‘I like to remove the vegetables my self,its good to eat some thing fresh’

Miss Lilly,the secretary of the allotment land in Kennelworth said ‘Most of the retired people are working on the allotments,I always see them,relaxing on the benches having a beer’

supportive Photographs.

Later on,I had to plan how and in which way I could show my photographs to the selected audience,and there fore I chose to show my work in a gallery.I had selected this because of the selected audience,looking at Jeniffer,who visits the gallery regularly,was one of the fastest and easiest means of sending my message.I would prefer my work displayed in the Stricoff Fine Art gallery found in New York, because of the good lighting and the way the structure is made,the size of the images would be A2(semi-gloss), I would like to ask my self, is the exhibition free?does it cost?  after looking at my expenses, I would say No it is not free, again looking at the targeted audience I think they can afford to pay for the exhibition and well in future I can use the same money to make another photographic series of work for a different message.

Top Five Photographs for the gallery.


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