Pinhole Camera.

13 march 2012, we had started a new module called ‘Working With Light’. We had kicked off with a lecture by George, talking about the photographers who used the pinhole camera  and how pinhole cameras were made..

The photographers we looked at were:-

Nancy Spencer.

Martha Casanave.

Willie Anne Wright.

Joseph Jakusz.

Janathan Kline.

Pominique Stroobant.

Thomas Bachler.

Jeff Fletcher

Thomas Bachler.

Justin Quinnell.

After looking at the photographs of different photographers, I had looked at how I could make a simple pinhole camera and also took some tips from George.

Next, my task was to make a pinhole camera in the class where by I had used a tin,black tape,scissors or a cutter,paper and a thumb pin.


I had began by making a small hole in the middle of the tin by using a thumb pin(I had used a pin so that it could get the right amount of light entering the tin)and then had to chop of the upper part of the tin by the use of a cutter(upper part was the place where I could insert the photographic paper).I had used black paper and black tape, making a cap to cover the upper part of the tin properly by using black tape. (the one I had chopped of). Using black tape and by cutting some black paper I had made a shutter.

my first photograph using the pinhole camera.

Using the same technique I had used earlier in the class,at home,using a chocolate box I had planned to make a larger pinhole camera so that I could make 8 by 10in prints as well.I had covered the box with yellow and black tape,just to make the pinhole camera beautiful and attractive. I had used velcro to reduce light entering the pinhole camera.

Final piece

The next day, I had tried to take some photographs using the pinhole camera I had made at home.


photograph of the photography department corridor.

taking a photograph of my self standing in the corridor.

photograph of the social area in the photography department.

photograph taken in the mac room.

Looking at the negatives,I had found out that my pinhole camera was faulty,there was light going threw the box which exposed one of the sides of the photographic paper even before opening the shutter.I had planned to make a better and light proof pinhole camera using the coffee tin which I had bought earlier. Seeing a silver coating inside the tin,I had sprayed it black to block the light reflections and to get a better exposure.



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