Collecting Light.

As part of the module ‘working with light’ one of the starting task was to collect light in the Easter holidays using the camera. I had kicked of by making a simple plan,my plan was to photograph natural light and artificial light,while going home, I had a stay of 8 hours in Dubai and had thought  of photographing the beautiful lights found in the airport, secondly I had thought of photographing the natural light(sun) found in Uganda at different times and at different places.

and here are the photographs.


well, this task was interesting and I also enjoyed it,it was a good experience,experimenting with the ISO, Shutter speed,keeping the subject out of focus/keeping the subject in focus and taking photographs from different angles and positions. I had used my Ipod camera for some photographs there fore I couldn’t mess with the ISO and Shutter speed in some photographs,although I was happy in shooting beautiful scenery’s from the plane which also kept me busy while travelling.


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