Photographs by Paul Graham.

Basically,Trouble Land talks about the insecurity and political issues within the landscape of Northern Ireland.

Well,starting with the context of the photo-book,the artist has given some information about the work in the starting, from my point of view,giving some information about the work would be easy for the viewers to get an idea of what the work is about. The artist has kept the images frozen(no movement) mostly, I mean,they are no photographs of people in the frame except from 2 at the same time,the artist liked to have writings and political posters in the frame of the camera which was interesting to me.(this gave me an idea of how I could photograph land spaces in a different way)

Trouble Land is a medium sized photo-book which shows interesting colored photographs taken in the Northern Ireland,the images in the photo-book have been sequenced by the flow from inner city through the towns and villages and out the country side, The photographs in the photo-book have the same size and are displayed as individual images,leaving some space from the border of the entire page or frame, this makes it easy for viewer to watch threw the pages. Blank pages are used where as there is also text on the left side on every photograph. Trouble Land is a photo-book showing how had people suffered in the past so basically its a narrative(story telling) photo-book.

I liked the way how the colors and tones have been used in the photo-book although it would look more creative if the photographer would take close-ups of the writings or posters while leaving others things in focus but as a background. I think the photographer could have used black and white for some photographs for example photographs having high contrast,this would be attractive and eye-catching.


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