Human Presence/Human Absence-Task 1

Consider a place which, when populated by certain individuals or groups of people, is transformed momentarily. It may be a public space where people convene or a private space where for instance; a liason takes place between two lovers. Can we understand ourselves, events, meetings or conflicts by looking not at the human presence itself, but at the effect this presence has on the environment (landscapes/cafes/stadiums etc) Before starting the task, we all as a group of 5 people made a mind map, this actually gave us an idea of what place we individually could choose the best place for the task

Well, I had chosen the allotments for the task as I recently did a project on the allotments(151MC) which was enjoyable and a place to look at. My idea here was to take landscapes on the site, what was new to me was the digital pinhole, In this task I had used the digital pinhole, using this technique was easier and was faster in shooting.



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