Human Presence Portrait-Task 3

Your focus of photographic interest in task three is to make images of the people that populate your chosen location. Your approach may be that of a documentary practitioner or you may choose to develop your practical approach to portraiture. Whichever; your decisions, experiments and practical research should be detailed in throughout and supported by your sketchbook/diary/blog. 

Your images can be made in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof. 

You should again apply the knowledge garnered throughout Level One, drawing on inspiration from the range of artists and practitioners so far covered as well as your own research and investigations. You should continue to develop your own practice within the module and communicate your unique vision of the world.


Inspired by Laura Haskell.

Laura Haskell is a Photographer working in Wiltshire, UK.Basically, She is interested in documentary photography and that one of enviromental portraiture. Laura Haskell takes photographs of people telling stories. Stories that are told with in the community and are rarely heard from others. She has two main photographic piece of work called Bangladeshi Community Portraits and Down The Lane Portraits.

 I like the way how Laura Haskel likes to take Portraits of different people in the community, I was really interested in the techniques she had used, I mean for example she had used the Black and white at the same time she had colored photographs in the same photo-book(Bangladeshi Community Portraits) well what was confusing was,i think her photographs didn’t go in a sequence, but as a photographer may be that’s her style of showing her work to the viewers. I really liked the way she took her photographs, from different angles and positions which made her work adorable, she had taken photographs of different ages which was interesting to me.


Well,my idea was to photograph people on the allotments,using the digital pinhole camera, to make my work more interesting I had planned to use photo-shop after I had taken the photographs, I photographed people working(photographing the subject in action) and people looking at the camera (photographing the subject when frozen). The task was interesting and because of it,I got a chance to talk to the people around the allotments, It was a good experience,taking portraits and was fun.



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