National Portrait Gallery(9th May 2012)

On the 9th of May 2012,we as a class traveled to the National Portrait Gallery in London to look at the various photographers and explore there work. Well, I looked at different photographers and got expired by there style of working, I had selected a few and thought of talking about them in general.

Cecil Beaton (October 1968)

Cecil Beaton was born in Hampstead, he was interested in photography as a young boy and got inspired by the postcards showing actresses, his career as a portrait photographer started by meeting Sitwells in 1926.

The photograph here is in black and white,the photograph is kept in light shadows or shades, I can see the subject standing and admiring something near by at the same time, I think the subject is not interested at looking at the camera, what I like about the photograph is, the details are shown clearly. I like the way how the subject is kept almost in the middle of the frame.

Well, coming to the Second photograph, looking at this photograph, the composition is to different from the 1st one, although both are in black and white, I like the way how the photographer has kept the subject in the middle of the frame and not leaving the minor parts out of the frame, meaning like the ladies around the subject and are in the frame. The composition means there is some thing called being royal to the queen, I mean, looking at the photograph if you notice at the ladies around standing straight forward and folding there arms shows a sign of being royal, which I appreciate, photography is all about expressing something…

Peter Rand(from 1960’s)

Born in Dorset, Rand attended Ealing Art and Photographic College, before working as an assistant to Peter Peck at Woburn Studios (1958-9). In 1960, he joined the John French Studios, and in 1962 two of his photographs appeared on the cover of the September and December issues of British Vogue. An editorial contract with Voguefollowed, and Rand remained with the magazine until 1970, photographing the leading figures of the 1960s.(

Spot light on Peter Rand (1960)

So basically, at the National Portrait Gallery,Peter Rand’s work was all about fashion photography, he chose different celebrities(16) as to be the subject and had asked them to pose in different styles.

Coming to the style of working, yes the work is in black and white, the photograph is in light shades, I like the way how the lady is posing, the photographer has taken the picture from a good angle and position, what I like is the picture is in the frame and has high contrast,its an eye catching photograph. On the other side, I think the photographer could have used a darker background to bring the subject out.


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