Culturae Mundi Society-reflection.

So basically, Culturae Mundi is a society in Coventry made by the Coventry students which is enjoyable and an exciting opportunity that allows you to learn about a wide range of cultures from each others all over the world and provides you an experience which you have not done before.

Celebration of holli

Well, I will start by explaining what holli means in Hinduism, the word holi comes from the word hola, this simply means offering prayers to the God as thanking for the good harvest, Holi is celebrated every year just to remind people that those who praise God shall be forgiven and those who don’t shall be burnt into ashes.

Why holi is special to the hindus and why they celebrate is because holi can be said as a celebration of the different colors of peace and brotherhood of having an oppurtunity to forget all the differences from the others.(cast,color,race,status and sex) It is a fastival where one throughs colors (color powder,colored water) on each other.

I found out people getting energized and pumped up, by taking a certain traditional drink which was made and was called bhang, looked similar to milk like color, and then your out of control, people dance to the rythme and sing traditional songs to. Well not to forget, when I enjoyed the holli festival in Coventry I saw people sharing food and giving out holli cards to there best friends.

Holli to me is something new, I mean I heard about it but didnt know the history behind it, it is a fun like game played, there is freedom of every thing you want to do, there is joy and happiness. It was a good experience watching a holi festival live as I had never seen it before unless watching it on the television and was a good way to learn more about the other cultures in a chilling way. It was fun meeting new people in the festival and get to know each other, It was good to see people interacting with each other and talk about the different cultures and where they belonged to. Looking at the people around, full of different colors, kept me happy. Although I had got a tough cough due to the smell of the and color and powder, I was alergic and was asked to leave the hall, well I had stayed with my friend from India for a while and then left the festival, and the people shouting and enjoying the night but over all its a very good festival to watch and enjoyable, as a photographer, I think this festival could be a good place to be photographed.




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