Pamoja-East African Society

So basically, Pamoja is an East African society in Coventry especially made up for the East African countries namely Uganda,Tanzania and Kenya, although it also allows other people from different parts of the world, Joining Pamoja for the East Africans is another way of not missing home, as the East Africans already know what East Africa is all about, Pamoja asks other people to come to the socials and have a taste of what that part of the world is all about. The society mainly informs the people about the cultures of the three countries and then they have other different acts performed for example there is dancing and singing.

And now I would like to talk about the recent East African party which was held in the club 54. It all started by a greeting saying ‘habarigani’ which meant humble greeting to all. Well, the chairman was the first to talk using the mic and his main points were to talk about the future plans and the schedule of the party. As he finished his informal speech in kiswahili(local language) although he also used some English words, he had given the mic to the first performers, which were dancing group. The break dancers from another society had come to entertain us, well as the dancers did there work, the loud music banged our ears as we enjoyed the party. It was great to see different dancing moves from different participants, this took 5 to 6 minutes as the dancers left the stage for the other participants.

The next group was the bhangra dhool blasters, bhangra is a cultural dance performed by the Punjabis especially in parties and wedding in Asia. This group had used different types of  drums to entertain the audience and had forced the audience to dance, meaning their music was very interesting and was a good chance to learn the dance as well as knowing the instruments used. Later on, after the performances and acts were done, drinks and different types of foods were served, what I liked was there was different kinds of food served in a local way, that made me feel home and aslo had a chance to show my friends how food is served back home. After eating the food and finishing the drinks, there was local music played by the DJ and every one had a chance to show there moves on the stage, there was clapping and cheering from every corner of the hall.

What I personally thing about the East African Society is its a  really interesting and an enjoyable place to hang out with different people, the best part of it is, you learn alot from the society and many people talk about different things and what is happening currently in East Africa, its a way of showing what East Africa is all about. I would suggest the others to join it as it is free and a way of knowing that part of the world.


Just to show some examples…



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