Confessions (Reflection)

The movie confessions is directed by Tessuya Nakashima,orginally based on a novel written by Kanae Minato. So basically the movie is all about of a mother who plans to take revenge on the students who had murdered her daughter in a painful manner.

The movie begins by showing the students of a high school having packed milk where as introducing a teacher called Yuko Moriguchi, giving an informal speech to the naughty and misbehaved students for the last time as the teacher was leaving the school,while there is slow background music played and slow motions shots are shown. The teacher starts talking about the HIV virus and informs the students what it can do, well, letting the students know her husband was infected with the virus and had died, she also talks about her daughter and tries to tell the students how her daughter had died near by a swimming pool, as she says the police said it was an accident while she tries to prove it was a murder, a murder done by two students in the same class, hearing to this, the class becomes silent where as there is some texting going on! close ups are used when the shot is taken, she goes on by saying she injected some of the blood(husband’s blood) into the packed milk,giving it to the two boys who had killed her daughter, the students get shocked and see one of the boys running towards the toilets.The two boys Naoki and Shuya think they are infected with the HIV virus, most of the movie  talks about Naoki after the murder of the young child, there is flash back used in the film and there is some text used in Japanese and thats how it continues..

I like the way how the story was written, it was really emotional especially when the little kid is murdered and the way how she was murdered and that from the teenagers. but what was boring for me was, the movie was to slow, could have been a bit faster, the acting was perfect, I liked the way how the camera man took the shots, I mean it was great to see shots from different angles and positions. The story is creative and interesting, I like the way how the color shades are used, I mean most of the shades are dark which suite the movie. Its great  to see some thing new specially when it comes to teenagers, the movie teaches some thing so that’s a good idea from the director.




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