Blue Velvet(Reflection)

A man returns to his home town after being away and discovers a human ear in a field. Not comfortable with the police’s statement, he and the police detective’s daughter carry out their own investigation. The object of his investigation turns out to be a beautiful and mysterious woman involved with a violent and evil man.

The begins,when Jeffrey returns back home from college after his father suffering with a disease, while walking back home, he discovers an ear packed in a paper bag on the ground,Jeffrey picks the paper bag and takes it to the police station where he meets an officer called John Williams.

Not being sure of what the police was doing, Jeffrey meets Sandy Williams, the daughter of the officer, Sandy explains every thing to Jeffrey about the case as she heard each and every thing from her father, she talks about Dorothy, a woman who was involved in the case, Jeffrey and Sandy drive to the apartment where Dorothy lives. Reaching to the apartment, Jeffrey knocks and he his refused, in the next scene, both Sandy and Jeffrey attend Dorothy’s night club show, coming back to the apartment, Sandy is left out and Jeffrey sneaks in, Dorothy gets Jeffrey in her apartment and his shocked, seeing Jeffrey harmless she tries to seduce him.

Then there is the entry of Frank, who is known as a gangster, in the movie Frank does sexual encounters with Dorothy in the apartment as Jeffrey hides back and watches, suspecting Frank,he tries to spy Frank for many days. After some days past,Sandy and Jeffrey, while coming back from the high school party, they see Dorothy standing naked in the garden and then she is taken to the hospital. Jeffrey goes to Dorothy’s apartment again  where we get to see some action between the polica and the thugs of Frank. In the ending parts we see Jeffrey shooting Frank on the head and later on we see Jeffrey and Sandy staying happy where as Dorothy enjoying her life with her son.

Well talking about the movie, What I see is, the concept of the movie was good and interesting, It was not for children as there are abusing parts and so on. I like the way,the way it is shot, I mean talking about the colors and tones, the starting part of it was good. I liked the background music.


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