Final letter to self.

Dear Talha,

There is nothing new from the letter to self, I am very excited and hope to do my level best in the photography course and in the professional life.

In the photography course I want to learn a lot of new things,which I didn’t learn from the foundation course and want to improve my photography skills and techniques for the coming years of your life. First of all, I will love to take a look at the analogue/film cameras and improve my darkroom skills although I feel more comfortable using the digital cameras,well this is because I can transfer my images easily and also share them through the internet as technology has improved, in that case I really want to master the photo-shop software(learn in details) although I have learnt the basics in the foundation course last year, and will try my best to impress the audience through my skills.

While continuing the photography course, I want to learn more about how to present work in a better way, I mean, I want to present the work in a way where the audience is aware of what I am talking about and not boring them, well confidence counts in a presentation, and I would love to do more presentations to gain more confidence.

I would like to learn how research is done in depth and on a higher level while doing projects, not forgetting the photographers, In the photography course I will like to look at more photographers and get some photography skills and other ideas from them for example looking at the way how the picture was lit,looking at the way how the image was displayed e.t.c. After looking at new photographers I would get some expiration by there style of working and get motivated for my own work after looking at other people’s work.

Not forgetting the studio but doing it as minor level, while working with the lights in the studio, I would love to gain more experience and understand how light is connected to photography specially when it comes to fashion photography or product photography. As I continue with the studio work, I want to learn about the studio in details and dept, this may help me in the future to great shadows.

After my course, I will love to be a photojournalist, this is because I want to express my feeling through photography and show whats happening all over the world, my second option would be, being a wildlife photographer, I love animals and also want to stay with nature. This gives me a chance of showing wild animals and how important they are.

Lastly,I would like to thank my professors (Mr.Jonathan(both),Mr.Paul,Mr.Matt and Mr.George) who had given me a chance to experiment with different things and improved my photography skills.


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