Paris,Taxas (Reflection)

Basically, this movie is produced by Don Guest, well, the movie is about of a man moving around the deserts of Texas not knowing who he his later his brother finds him and tries to remind him about the past as the unknown person had lost his memory, the person was found after four years leaving his son and wife behind, as his memory returns he tries to talk to the people from his past.

The movie starts by showing a desert in Texas and then a man(Travis) shown coming from far with slow background music. The man keeps on moving in the desert until he finds an old bar, because of luck of power in the body he falls down and he is taken to the hospital, his brother called Walt is called by the doctor and he is asked to take his brother away, but before Walt arriving his brother Travis leaves the doctor’s place, Walt finds him on the way and picks him up, taking him to a motel for a rest, Walt goes out for pick some food for the day and as he comes back he sees nothing in the room,meaning Travis had left the place, as being lucky Walt finds him on the railway and tries to talk to him, Travis had lost his memory, he had left home and now its been the forth year, this creates suspense and imagination in the movie.

Well, Walt tries to remind Travis about his past and the kid(Hunter) he had left back. Travis being in a shock doesn’t talk untill Walt becomes strict and forces him to say something, Letter on, Walt takes Trivas back home in Southern California where Travis meets his son Hunter and the wife of Walt. Walt again tried to remind him about the past by showing him some old memories and touching videos of Hunter being young back in the days. The story doesn’t end here, Hunter and Travis become great friend after and try to find out where Jane( Travis wife) had gone. They leave home with out telling any one and search for Jane, luckily Hunter finds Jane driving a red car and asks Travis to follow. Travis follows Jane untill she reached the work place, knowing were Jane works Hunter and Travis go back to the hotel, next day Travis alone comes to the work place and talks to Jane in an emotional way, Jane is brought back and Hunter meets his mom…….

I would say, the scenes in the movie are good like in the starting where the desert is shown, I think the background music would look better if it was faster according to the shots, I liked the story, having suspense, emotional scenes and happiness, although the movie was a bit long according to the script written.


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