Your final task is to build on this and make it your own. You will re-visit the “Human Presence” theme using all of the skills and techniques discussed and explored. You will previsualise your images and tell a story, that narrative will include an environment both populated and empty, detail studies and images of people, it will have a beginning a middle and an end, you will consider pace and flow, tension and resolution. 

some Inspiration 

Andrew Buurman.

I looked at the photo-book called ‘Allotments’, a series of photographs taken by Andrew Buurman, capturing people at the allotments.

I had planned of commenting at the photographs and see how the photographer had used his skills and techniques to bring out the photo-book.

(A few examples)

The photographer has kept the subject in the middle of the frame,we can see movement in the photographs at the same time the photographer has taken pictures of the subject while frozen. All the images are taken in color, I like the way how the photographer takes his images I mean, taking images from good angles and positions.

Steve Pyke

The secound photographer I looked at was Steve Pyke and especially admiring his work. I had looked at the series of images he had made named as ‘Garden Tools’


Well, Steve Pyke’s style of working is very different from the photographer above named Andrew Buurman. I had noticed Steve Pyke likes to keep his subject in black and white, What I like about his work,is that he keeps his subject in dark tones where as keeping the background in light tones, this brings out the subject clearly and as a viewer it gets more interesting in watching the images because you get to see some thing diffrent from other photographers. If we look at his images, he likes to border or frame his photographs, which looks great and attractive.


I was still interested in the allotments so I had planed to use the allotments for task 1, task 2 and task 3, so I had to use the allotments for the final task as well. My plan was to do some thing different this time, I wanted to use the allotments but not for farming purposes or showing the benefits of the allotments as I did before, after I had looked at the place and thought of what could be interesting, I came up with an idea, which was new and different, my plan was to make a short video,some thing like a movie trailer and for that I had to  photograph people,tools and the place its self, I had planned of using the digital camera, analogue camera and pinhole camera as well, just to have a variety of photographs, next step was to think about the video and what should it look like, I had planned of making a video which showed a sad story, suspense and which brought many thoughts to the viewers, yes I found out what I wanted exactly, my plan was to show a murder done at the allotments so I had planned of calling the movie ‘The Murder At The Allotments’.

Now I had to look at the photographs I had taken, I had selected the best ones, suiting the title and kept them in a different folder. My idea was to Photoshop them and turn them into black and white, as I was inspired by Steve Pyke’s work, I had bordered my work as well, coming back to the style of my work, I had decided to use black and white because I wanted to show the theme as we know colors them self can show and describe the meaning of the composition.

Not ending yet, I was also excited in experimenting(to do some thing different,you need to keep on experimenting with the photographs) and showing some thing different to the viewers, so here we go..


having the two negatives, I planned to use the darkroom and had to print them together using the photographic paper, bringing some thing like this..

and finally I had used a scanner to scan the photograph, to have a clean and final piece I used photoshop to cut the extra parts of it.

I had used imovie to stick the photographs together for a video, not forgetting the background music which brought out the whole concept of the movie, also putting some text in the movie, just to give the audience a clue.

Final Photographs

A bit of other pictures I had taken.


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