Making a magazine cover.

Ok now since I was on bed rest because of the back injury I had and had nothing to do, my cousin Sohaib, a 4th year student studying BBA-IT had asked me to design a magazine cover for his project by the use of photoshop, well Sohaib knew I was a photography student who used photoshop handed the job to me and had said “kya karsaak teh ho“(urdu) in other words he had said “lets see what you can do”.

The idea was to design a magazine cover for the Executive Forum, I first planed for the background, in that case I planed to have a black background with white designs. so here is the background…

Having the background, I had asked Sohaib to send me the pictures and writings he would love to have on the magazine cover.

Yes,so once I was given the photographs,my idea was to arrange them onto the background I had chosen and then mess around the photoshop software..

this is what I came out with……



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