Summer Task-Placing Photographic Practice in Context (250MC)

For the summer 2012 task, we were asked to research and develop at least three areas of interest from level one, preparing a shot visual essay containing five to ten photographs for each area and then we had to present the work via blog..

Nature/Wildlife Photography is what I am interested in, in level one, Wildlife photography didn’t quite fit in the module as the themes given were a bit different and on that bases I want to photograph the wild animals as I am a wildlife lover, I want to give a tribute to the natural environment I was brought up although I had got a chance to photograph some thing similar, I had a chance to photograph the farms and allotments for my projects in year one.

who am I inspired by?

I am inspired by the work of Bloom Steve,who first began to photograph Nature in 1993 when he went for a vacation in South Africa, In 1996, he was inspired the wildlife and continued to photograph nature to produce his first book called Praise Of Primate. Later on  he also produced and showed more interest in making more photo-albums for example Elephant and Spirit Of The Wild. I first got inspired by Steve Bloom’s work when I was in the foundation course,this all started when i was researching for wildlife photographers, what i liked most was the technique he used and how he photographed his subject being specific looking at the angles and positions. This is one of my favorite photographs from Steve Bloom Album, I admire the way he has photographed his subject which is Ariel photography, what puts more power in the picture is the colors and the high contrast he has used, secondly what I look at is the way he has used photoshop to edit the picture, I like the way he has blended the white colors with the green colors at the background.

My photographs


The second area of interest I had chosen is Photojournalism/Documentary Photography, this is because I believe through photography I can send a message to the world and show what is happening around the globe, I selected such type of photography because of the situation in the northern areas of Uganda and for my final project I am willing to do a project on the refugees in northern Uganda,not only that I like to move around and explore other places. I like the work of Jake Lyell who is an American photographer and a videographer who has lived in East Africa since 2008, the reason why Jake Lyell chose photography was to show the personal stories behind individuals living in poverty and then it was essential to show this message to the organisation through photography,thinking the poor would get any support by his photography. Jake Lyell was inspired by other photographers namely Evelyn  Hockstein, Finbarr O’Reilly and Kuni Takahashi. If I had to say one sentence,why I liked Jake Lyell’s work is because he photograph’s the reality.

The photograph here shows a sick child named Grace has AIDS and her mother Sarah sits behind her supporting her. This is one of my favorite photograph’s from Jake’s work,it is well focused,leaving the minor parts in blur and getting the major parts,the photograph is taken from a good position where by we can see both the minor and major subject,I think for a good picture we need to see the details and in this photograph Jake have done it,well the major part is Jake has shown a message where one can see what is happening. my photographs

And finally the third area of interest I had chosen was Still Life Photography, Sill life photography teaches me how to become creative, personally I think we need to look at the angles and positions while taking a good photograph. The photographer I am inspired by is Marcel Christ,Marcel graduated from Academy of photography in Amsterdam,still life photography is his passion and does it as a job too, he has been shooting for many famous brands for example Nike,Cocacola etc.

My favorite photograph from Marcel’s work is,

Whats great about Marcel’s work is that he blends the light shades with the dark colors and having a different style of photographing the subject,he mostly keep the background dark and leaving the subject in light colors, this brings out the subject clearly and seen properly by the viewer.

my photographs


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