Nomo Gallery and Makerere Gallery visit.

This Wednesday I had gone for a gallery visit to two different places located in Kampla,Uganda. My plan was to see 3d work from Makerere Gallery and then looked at the work in Nomo gallery which had artists doing 2d work.

I had looked at the work of Lubega, a local artist in Uganda,who has exhibited his work in Nomo gallery. 

 Lubega had made this art piece using banana fiber,  he was trying to describe the types of pots,the Ugandans make deep inside the villages. He had tried to keep a variation of different shades, what I mean by shades his he wanted to keep dark and light colors so that he could show the differences between the pots.

The second art piece I saw was..

This was an oil painting showing the games children play in the Ugandan villages, here I see Lubega keeping the background light and leaving the front part dark which brings out bit of color contrast, what I like about the painting is, it shows what is actually happening in the remote areas of Uganda.

And later on I had looked at the work of Juma, a up coming artist who works with 3d pieces  and exhibits his work in Makerere Gallery

here Juma tried to make a clay pot and to be creative he had connected lights inside the pot. (I haven’t seen such work before)

He did the same here,but he changed the design although the concept was the same,he made and clay face and designed it into abstract which made it more creative from the others.

Looking at both artist I noticed there was a connection between the 2d work and 3d work where by both artists  talked about the local crafts made in Uganda for example the pots, I noticed both artists tried to show what the locals from villages do at there free time, I saw a lot of local medium used for the art pieces although Lubega had used canvas but at the same time he has also used banana fiber.


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