Lighting Workshop.

Last week on Thursday the professors had asked us to split into 4 groups, later on we were asked to create new photographs from the existing photographer’s work using the lighting skills we learnt in year 1.

As a team, we first looked at the photograph especially looking at the light shades and dark shades and then decided where to place the umbrella lights, the main purpose of the shoot was to focus on different shades and how we could adjust the lighting by using the studio kit. After setting the studio lights,we asked the subject to act and copy the original image taken by the photographer we had chosen. We kept on changing positions and did different jobs.

We all did well with the task although we had some difficulties with the background,the background had light shades where as the original photograph had dark shades, to over come the problem we had used a black board, secondly we had failed to get the reflection of the light, for that we had used a reflector which actually worked,working as a team taught us how to work together, as a team we improved on the techniques and skills and reminded our selves the basics of using studio lights and other tools like the snoot,light meter e.t.c.

over all it was a good experience and I enjoyed it…..


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