Fashion Photographic Shoot.

“Following the Razzle Dazzle Wonderland lecture you will select your own groups, these will consist of no more than 5 people and will be given one of the following artists /  practitioners to be inspired by; Dale Chihuly, Chris Ofili, Will  Cotton, Yayoi Kusama, Anish Kapoor, Nick Cave, Leigh Bowery, Joan  Miro, Andrew Logan, Matej Kren, Jeff Koons and Shauna Richardson.None of these practitioners work specifically within the area of fashion and all have been picked for their use of textures, colour and pattern. They have been carefully selected to complement the overall themes so should tie together seamlessly.

Photographic shoot

This assignment is a ‘live’ collaborative project involving all Stage 2 Fashion and Fashion Accessory students and Stage 2 Photography students at Coventry University. 

Your groups will be paired with photography students at an initial meeting and students are expected to communicate on a regular basis with each other to build a working relationship.

 You will use your Razzle Dazzle Wonderland research to build miniature 3 dimensional spaces. These spaces should help you consider photographic staging, sets and props (a la Tim Walker). You are asked to include your photographer in discussions on creative direction at all stages.

The Fashion products to be photographed are scarves which will be produced in 241DVA and 244DVA. As these will not be finished until near to the image deadline; you will have to do test shots using pieces of fabric to represent your scarves.

 Fashion / Accessory / Photography students will need to get together to do a practice photoshoot. Students will need to decide whether they are going to do studio or location shots. If locations are to be used then these will need to be scouted and in some cases approval may need to be sought.

 Groups also need to source models, define and communicate hair and make up looks for the photographic shoot. Student models should seriously consider whether it is appropriate to have images of themselves in their own portfolios.

 A consent form must be completed by models and photographers at the outset for images to be used for Coventry University marketing purposes. A proforma will be provided for this.”

For the fashion shoot, the artist we were given was Will Cotton, I was not interested into deep research about the artist, what I was interested in was to take attractive and adorable photographs, just to get an idea about the style of work, the artist did, I used google images to view the work.

After looking at the work, we had chosen to use the studio for the shoot, my plan was to ask the fashion students to upload some of the work they did for the shoot, looking at their work, I was confident and was really pumped up for the shoot as I also found out the best photograph overall would be published in a fashion magazine which make it more exciting.

On the day, me and my partner(Mellisa) fixed the lighting kit, according to the way we wanted it to be and then attached the camera to the tripod as the model did her final touches, working with the makeup artist, not forgetting the fashion students, mean while, they were doing the setting. As the model stud in the middle of the setting, we took the first shot to predict the light and shadows coming from the background and props used, and then used a light meter to adjust the light.

As we kept on working the whole day(8.50am to 4pm), me and my partner kept on exchanging the jobs for example if I was using the camera, my partner was adjusting the lights. We had planned to shoot from diffrent angles and positions as we had asked the fashion students to keep on changing the settings and asking the model to pose in a diffrent way, this was to create diffrent variations and poses so that we could make diffrent images.

It was a good experiece, doing the fashion shoot with the fashion students as I learnt more about team work and on the other side, I made good friends. This shoot increased my confidence and I gained for experience, working with diffrent people who had diffrent thoughts,ideas and style of working. It was a good day learning from others and teaching your style of working to others.

final piece




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