Portrait of somebody I know.

Some one I know very well is my elder brother, my brother had studied Doctor’s of Pharmacy in Islamabad,Pakistan and now he is a coalified pharmacist in Uganda, he helps my dad in the office(pharmacy) all day long and plays cricket on the weekends with the 1st division teams. Well,my brother taught me alot and always helped me,follow the right direction. One of the things I learnt from my brother was to never give up in any situations, on the other side, I leaarnt how to play high class level cricket. There are many other things I can not explain on the blog but I will say abit of what we brothers like and enjoy most when we are together for holidays. We both like to go for safaris, safari drives help us refresh our brains and the fact that we both like nature, boating is one of the favourite things we do in holidays especially boating on river Nile in Jinja,Uganda although its risky(anyways its fun so who thinks about the darkside).

Talking about the picture, I had taken the picture especially because of the background, I wanted to show what my brother likes when he is out for the holidays, the idea was to take a landscape shot to show the enviroment he is intrested in, I kept the subject in the middle and tried to take a close up shot, but also keeping in mind, I had to show the enviroment at the background….



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