Portrait Workshop (whose portrait is it?)


‘like the last studio workshop this is a collaborative workshop, which requires you to work as a team. Working in groups of 3, you need to make portraits of the same person for two different clients. The clients are the guardian, for which you need to produce work for a feature spread in the guardian magazine and a front book cover for Harper Collins publishing. Prior to taking any photographs do some research on the clients and see how differently they use photographs. The aim is to consider not only how you take a photograph but also how that photograph meets the clients requirements.

For the purposes of the brief, the person photographed is a ‘whistleblower’ add your own back story to this commission to suitable the story and help you decide how you will take the photographs.’

A bit of research.

Guardian Magazine.

-Fashion,Stories,Entertainment,Awareness ,News,Adverts e.t.c

Harper Collins

-Educational books,Dictionaries,Story books,Novels e.t.c

Looking at the brief on the same day, we had made teams or groups of three, It was me,Chris and Adele, so before we decided on what to do for the project, we first decided on sharing the work, my role was to be the model, Chris’s role was to be the photographer and Adele’s role was to edit the work.

On the same day,we had put up many ideas and came up with one idea,the idea was to show a step brother revealing his true colors to the world, it got more interesting when we continue the story by saying when an elder step brother used the talent or steals the work(photographs) of a younger step brother due to jealously and becomes famous leaving the younger brother to suffer after all the hard work done by him, in the story we show a younger step brother(which was me) being sad and thinks the work he has done has become useless but on the other side, he wants people to know the truth.

Well,after looking at the idea we had decided where to shoot, we looked at many places and lastly selected the accommodation,where I leave, the next day we did the shooting, not to forget, although I was the model, I also looked up in giving ideas and suggestions on how we could improve our shoot. Chris photographed me with my prints I had done earlier in my room,to make it look better,Chris had photographed from diffrent angles and positions, Later on, we planned to move out door’s for the shoot, the idea was to move in a different environment(environmental) or experiment with the natural light and for that,we went to the park near by my home. After doing our roles(me and Chris) we left Adale with the photograph to edit…


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