250MC Core Practice Reflection.

Basically, my project was based on the African community in Coventry, I was interested in the African Community because of the fact that, I belong to the same community and thats where I come from, on the other side, the site I had selected suited the project, as I had researched about the place and found out most of the African people stay there,not only that, after looking at the work of Nan-Goldin, I was inspired by her work so in that case, my idea was to do some thing similar. The message behind the project was to show the life style of the Africans especially looking at the international students coming from Africa to study in England.

By the help and allowance of my two best friends namely Bryan and Owen, I planed to photograph them showing on what they did mostly and what they liked. For my project, I tried to show a short story about these boys who had come here to study and for that I had used 6 images showing a story on what they do for example looking at the final piece we see them making breakfast,leaving for university,studying,having food,playing games and clubbing. It was a good experience moving with the boys where ever they went especially the club, I had never entered a club before and for the project I had too.


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