Junas Mekas work at Serpetine Gallery.

gallery visit

Last thursday we had gone to the Serpetine Gallery with the master students(filming) to see and learn from a film maker’s work, called Junas Mekas. Basically, he has been in the independent cinema for a while has got alot of experience. His latest exbhition showed memories and the beaty around, the film maker especially recorded his friends and all the happy moments and where by he felt in Paradise as said in the exbition.

As a photographer, I mainly looked at the technical part not minding the language he had used, after looking at a few videos I found out he used a free hand to record the place and people around which was interesting to me because the work looked simple and naturual, the film maker have taken close up shots of especially children, well apart from people he also recorded building,trees and so on.

The film maker used the camera from diffrent angles and positions which made it more interesting where by the audience could see diffrent sides or around the subject due to good positioning of the film maker, The videos had shown both night and day recording not only that there was a blending of the main videos with the background videos bringing up a creative piece of art. The film maker kept the camera out of focus for some places especially when it comes to record lights. What I noticed was the film maker started his videos from the original background noice and then slowly by slowly bringing up the selected background music. Keeping poetry in the video expressed more of what he wanted to show to the audience and of filming diffrent places,where he kept the scene blur with bright and dark colors made the work creative and enjoyable to the audience. What I mostly enjoyed was the recording where he used the birds eye view.

The most amazing part of the gallery visit was the photographs, The photographs looked like a documentary kind of work but to be honest I could not figer out what was happening,any ways I like the A3 size prints which where printed in the darkroom,not to forget they where back and white, having a good color contrast and well balanced,most of them where in action but also had portraits at some point.

To finish up, I would like to say, it was a good day learning some thing from a professional film maker and hope to see more of his work.





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