Reflecting Pool by Bill Viola

After watching 7 experimental narrative films and 2 pictures, I decided to choose the one I liked most and planned to write a short reflection on it.
As far as I remember, the 6 minutes film starts by a background noise sounding like water flowing, after some minutes we see a man coming from the background, reaching to the pool(pool is at the foreground)in the film we see the man standing near the pool and then jumping into the pool,just before he lands into the pool,time has been stopped and we see the man frozen and not moving for atleast 4 mintues. When some minutes pass we see the man into the water but is not visible. Watching the pool in the film I noticed some reflections of people and coming to the end we then see the man coming out of the pool and then leaving the place moving to the background.
The film maker has used the tripod which makes the film stable,not forgetting keeping the subject in the middle and thats how he uses the camera frame. The film maker keeps the pool in bright and dark shadows, as I look at the film the main thing I see is how he uses the time in the film…
Over all I can it was an interesting film to watch especially looking at the shadows but on the other end it was abit hard to understand and what the story meant..


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