research/ideas for day to day life.

Alright, for the task we were given was to record your day to day life, making sure not to organise them as a sequence, we had to think about the rhythm of the piece and how we were going to pace the minutes…
My idea for the task was to photograph my self using a free hand, not thinking of the out come,I also planned to not use any editing software, keeping the photographs naturual was my point and how those photographs could show story. I planned to take close up shots not leaving the zoom out shots. What I tried the most was to keep a ghosty(blur) photograph just to make it a bit informal.
I was inspired by the work of a photographer who was known for self portraits,she is called Anna Gay(!self_portraits/cjg9 )
After looking at her work, I thought I could express my self as she did but planned to use a diffrent style of photographing…


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