Adding sound..

So basically we were asked by our professor to make a 30 seconds video, and then after we were asked to record sound, the sound could be any thing but preferably machines…coming to my idea, as a photographer I had made a photofilm of my friend playing football at the park, my idea was to not show the subject’s face, and just photographing the foot work with the ball,after taking many photographs I came back home and selected a few for the photofilm, using final cut pro, I made a photofilm, now coming to the second part of the task, which was recording second, I wanted to keep my project informal meaning the work I was making had no story..well, I was thinking of some diffrent, some thing diffrent which was not connecting with the photofilm so in that case I thought of recording the noise of the excelerating car. I had asked my friend to excelerate as I recorded the sound using my phone…

Coming back to the department, I used final cut pro to add the sound to the video(photofilm) and then finally saved the work…It was a bit strange to me after the work but on the other side it was some thing new to me..having different sounds which do not connect to the film….



Adding sound from Muhammad Talha on Vimeo.


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