Research and Inspiration for Final Video.

For our final piece we were asked to make a 1 minute video, we were given four themes to choose from:-





After looking at the four themes, I decided to choose the one in which I was comfortable with, I planned to choose Light/Dark and took the next step on researching photographers who worked with the similar themes, as I continued looking at different photographers on the internet, I found out a photographer who worked in the dark and she was called Amanda Norman, her work was interesting and so I continued watching her photographic work. Amanda had a love of classical horror that inspired her to do horror photography, while doing photography, her main sites were the grave yards and the cemetery. Amanda related the sites with ghosts,skulls and blood stains and bats her work is more of black and white although she had some photographs in color, and looking from a photographic point of view, she had taken photographs from different angles and positions not only that she had photographed her subject with close ups and also did long distance shots. As I finished reading about her work and made sure I watched all the photographic work, I was inspired by her work especially which were taken in the dark or which were shown in black and white, I really appreciated her work because of the color combination she had chosen for her albums and not to forget she had connected her work to the titles she had given, now coming to my idea, after seeing Amanda’s work I planned to do some thing similar as I was inspired by her work.


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