So after getting my inspiration from Amanda’s work, I had planned to do some thing similar, now coming to my work, my idea was take photographs in a dark place, a friend of mine suggested I could take the photographs in the kitchen, well I agreed on that, going to the kitchen I checked how I could photograph, it was good to take photographs there although we had to switch off all the lights in the kitchen and use a small light which was found on one of my pen’s I use for writing. My idea was to take photographs of my friend in the kitchen, now, I had asked my friend to pose how ever he liked, I didn’t tell him on how to pose..before I got out my tripod, I changed the shutter speed to low, as the lighting conditions were not good enough for a high shutter speed, we were shooting almost in a ‘black room

My plan was to take pictures from different angles and positions,taking close ups and distance shots, I had planned to take unfocused and focused photographs of the subject, the reason why I did that was to have a different variety of photographs, well after taking many photographs I thanked my friend and went into my room with the camera, I inserted the memory card and started selecting the ones I had liked, there were some points where I was getting a lot of light reflection while shooting, I didn’t mind it because I had thought of another idea, I had planned to edit the photographs which were bright, my idea was to use Photoshop to make them in Black and White and then use the dodge and burn tool to make them a bit darker than the original. The next day I took the edited photographs to my professor, just to get them approved, we sat together and talked about the images, after the talk me personally thought I could do more. My professor suggested I should move out and take photographs of the city at night and I agreed on that….



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