Experimental Narrative development from Muhammad Talha on Vimeo.

After getting back from my tutorial, I came back home had some thing to drink and planned on when to take photographs of the city at night, after 2 or 3 days I moved out to take photographs of the city at night. My idea was to take photographs of any thing, I had nothing particular subject in my mind, I was set to go and take photographs which would fit in my camera frame. Before I started taking photographs I first did the camera setting and then mounted the camera onto the tripod. My plan was to take photographs of moving objects and also taking photographs of frozen subjects not only that I had planned to make a short movie which I could put together with the photographs. After taking photographs of different parts of the city, I came back home and selected the best ones, I planned to categorize them according to the subject(for example all the buildings in one folder).

As I was done with the selection, my next step was to put them in order and then make a short movie using the final cut pro software, in my video I wanted to include fast forward and then also including photographs in slow motion, I left the short video I recorded as it was. White putting together the photographs I had kept no sound in the video, I thought of experimenting some thing new and see how it would be. After finishing the video, I played it, I was not happy as the video didn’t come out as I wanted it to be, the rhythm of the video didn’t go in a flow but in a way I was happy because I got to learn and explore more….



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