Experimental Narrative-Final Video Ideas and Plans.

I had a tutorial with my professor after doing some development for my final piece, keeping in mind my theme was dark, so in that case I needed a place which was dark, I had thought of the ‘darkroom’ thinking of the light conditions,it was a very good place if I think from a photographic point of view, keeping that idea in brain, I talked to my tutor about it and he said I should try the place, well I finalized the place and planned to do my final project there.

Now I had to plan on how I was going to take the photographs,before that I had written a few points on how to make the final video, this made it easy for me, to continue my project as I had a clue on what to follow next step by step.

-take photographs.



-making the film.


Now let me start by the photographic part of it, last Wednesday I had gone to the darkroom with my tripod and camera, that day my point was to take lots of photographs only, so for that my idea was to take photographs from long distances, close up and taking photographs from different angles and positions, I had planned to take pictures of the objects in the darkroom, I also tried to photograph my friend working in the darkroom, making it more creative I photographed the enlarger from different angles and positions(close-ups) so that I could use the picture in the film, to me I think enlarger is one of the most important equipment in the darkroom. I also took photographs of other equipments in the darkroom such as the drying machine, developer, yellow and red lights, measuring cylinder and so on. I had tried to keep the subject in the middle off the frame. What I also did was to take a close up and distance shot of the same subject, the reason why I did this was to have a variety of photos on which I could choose the best ones.

Coming to the second part, I also planned to make a short film, my idea was attach  the camera onto the tripod and leave it on the video mode,and zooming out so that I could show the whole room, in that video I planned to shoot my self moving around the darkroom. After finishing the video recording and taking photographs I went back home and planned for the next step(didn’t edit the photographs).

The most important part is here, for the final video I wanted to do some thing diffrent, some thing different I haven’t done before, my idea was to make a sequence first before I could continue, after making the sequence, I made my sequence by looking at the entry part of the darkroom to the end part of it, noting I didn’t do that for every picture,it was just an idea on how I could do it, I planned on how I am going to limit my time on each photographs, but my main idea was ‘to make a video starting from slow motion to fast one’ and I had taken lots of photographs, I wanted to fit them all in the one minute video, so in that case I had keep the time limit no more than 4 seconds if I am not wrong…after arranging all the photographs I planned to put a picture of the whole darkroom, I have no reason for that but we all know that different artists have different ideas….well next I had liked to keep my recording of the darkroom in the end,and that’s how I loved it, well I started timing the photographs until I reached the video I recorded, for the video, my idea was to edit it and making the action in fast(faster than normal)..Yes I had kept a background sound,for my background sound I had recorded the sounds in the darkroom using my phone, and thats for the whole video, well for doing the final touches I kept some transitions in between the video. I had also kept text in the video for example the title,and at the end…

For making the video I had used Final Cut Pro, final cut pro is a very good software once under stud, and finally I will thank Mr. Nick and master students for teaching us the software…..


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