The Guardian’s 1986

After watching this short video from the, The Guardian in the lectures given by mr.Nick, I went back and watched it again, I found the video really interesting and what is really interesting about the video is that I found out it has 3 phases. Starting with the 1st phase, we see a man in a jacket running towards the lady standing on the right side but before that I noticed the man looks back before he starts running, and at the background we see a car coming outside, we the camera taking the shot from the front. Coming to the second phase, we see the man running towards a gentleman in a black coat, noticing the shot is taken from the back of the man who was running towards the gentleman in the black coat, we also see the man pulling the gentleman, what was confusing was that was the man pulling the gentleman or the briefcase he had?? and now coming onto the final phase we see the man with a jacket pulling off the gentleman and pushing him on a side, in the final phase we understand what is happening…When first I saw the video, I thought the man with the jacket was trying to steal or some thing similar but coming to my point I mean to say the way the film maker made the video in a way that we cant predict the final phase of it unless we watch the whole video and I think that’s a good way of doing your work, because we want the audience to watch the whole video predicting some thing else and in the end finding a different story or what ever it might be. It was interesting to see the way the film maker had chosen his positions for filming the scene as example looking at the third scene were the film maker shoots using the birds view position if I can say, we clearly see what is happening in the frame.

why  I called the man a gentleman is because of the coat and the hat he was wearing…


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