Acceptance,2008,Bill Viola

After watching a few videos from Bill Viola, I planned on to go back and watch the Acceptance, and then thought of writing some thing on it as I think about it.

The film maker had kept a black background in the whole video and on the same time keeping the subject blur at the starting of the video, after watching the video, in a few seconds if I am to say the subject keeps changing its colour slowly by slowly, the subject gets in white colour from grey colour  the film video had kept the subject in the middle of the frame keeping it steady as the film maker had used a tripod, me personally watching the video, I could not find out what is happening and we can not predict next part of the video. We see the subject in action as it is moving and by time the viewer finds out what happens in the end.

Now coming to the video, I now understand the story shown and what is good about the video is the colour contrast used, what I mean is the black and white colour combination, watching at the screen just looks attractive because of the colour used, if I say some thing about how the space is used, I think keeping the subject in the middle with water like drops moving out and the subject is in action, I appreciate the film maker on how he used the screen space and how he framed the subject although I would say, I will like to see a change in how he uses time in his video. And not forgetting, I liked the way the film maker had kept the background sound, which really suites the video.


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