Tarkovsky,Mirror (1974)

Mirror by Tarkovsky is one short video I had liked just because of the light he had used, the scene starts by where a child stands,seeing a glass breaking,while shooting, the film maker had planned to use bright lights, we see movement and if am not wrong I think the film maker had used a tripod because of the camera shake, in the next scene we see an old house, the shooting is done from a distance, not to forget there is back ground noise. I had noticed at the background, a child was running into the old house in slow motion which looked interesting. Later on in the movie we see the child coming up the stairs, the film maker had taken the shot from aside and then taking the shot from the back. Coming back to the movie, the child tries to open the door, when failed to open the door he returns back from where he came back, the camera position is still in the same place it was before, finishing the video, we see a lady with a dog opening the door, starring at the place where the child came from. For me, what made it interesting was the light use and the slow motion in the video. I was not interested in the story but more interested in the technical part of it, I liked the way the film marker had used the sound, I think the sound was almost the same for the whole video.


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