The Bridgeman

baconI had found this abstract painting very interesting,the artist had kept the subject in the middle of the canvas. The painter had used different colours and most of all the painter had used bright colours which made the work more attractive although there was a bit dull colour used. The blending of bright and dark colours for example looking at the top part where black was blending with yellow made another difference because of the style the artist had used, the border of the painting had a bright background where as the middle part of the painting had a dark background, I had also liked the yellow touch at the top right and top left of the painting. What I liked about the painting was that it was not crowdy in other words the painter had a good sense of using the canvas space. The rough texture also brings out the painting well, not forgetting the colour combinations and also the blending of colours, made the painting stand out. As a viewer the painting was interesting although I didn’t understand the concept and the meaning in what the artist tried to show..


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