Quay Brothers

This short film is not one of my favourites but I was still interested in it, the film maker had selected to shoot in the dark by the use of a tripod, the background music was a bit scary, the film maker had used the piano for the music, later on in the film we notice the background music starts from slow music ending with fast. I personally think the screen space was used in a positive way because of the subject moving around, so basically the subject was in action, watching the whole video, we find out the film maker had liked to add both fast and slow motion, I think time in the video is one important part, coming to the end of the video we find out the subject moves in slow motion where as the background music gets faster, for me it was a bit to understand the combination of a slow moving subject to a fast background music. At the end, we the subject in dark shades, I would have liked to see the subject in light colour for example white, this would show a colour contrast as the background was dark and on the other was it would stand out.


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