Kulshov still image.

kuleshovAfter viewing Kulshov’s video ‘hitchcock love bikinis’ I came back to the photomontage he had made, Kulshov’s idea was to show the same point in a diffrent way, he used still images or photomontage to show the same point. Above we see how screen space can be used by using still images. Here Kulshov’s work kind of relates to Andy Warhol’s work especially when you look at the idea, Andy Warhol did a visual repitetion to work with commercial cosumer products in America in the 50’s and 60’s. Although Kulshov’s concept was very diffrent from Andy Warhol’s. In the photomontage we see a plate on the table stared by a man, in the second part we see some one lying down and still stared by a man and in the last we see a lady lying on a bed still stared by the man, there is repitetion of images(the man) which makes it interesting.


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