Micheal Gundry

Micheal Gundry’s video is one inspiring piece of work especially this one, what interests me is the way it starts and the way it ends, the film starts with a background music just after some seconds we see a child jumping and playing in the mud, not forgetting to tell,we dont see the subject’s face. Later on in the video we see some text with change of background music which makes it more interesting as the viewer doesnt get bored of the same music especially if the video is more than 1 minute. The film maker did the shooting from diffrent positions and angles, we also see diffrent scenes in the video with change of pace for example slow motion is shown at a point, later on in the video the film maker had taken close up shots with change of places, not only that we see change of background music with change of scenes. What was interesting in the video was change of expressions from the people and then getting to the end we see some text, what I loved was the way it ended, it gets darker when ending and brings out a blur screen. In the video, the film maker had kept diffrent styles of shooting for example looking at the speed variation or change of angles and possitions which brought out an inspiring piece.


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