So, basically we were asked to write a short personal statement about the book we were asked to bring in the class which was set from last week task.

The book I chose was called “Photojournalist” created by Jimmy Hare. A photographer who worked in the 1898 and 1920’s. Jimmy Hare’s work was about war, he had photographed the Spanish-American war and Russo-Japneese war. “why I chose this book?” Previously, as a group we had watched the video called the Silent Soldier. A video made in Afghanistan, recording the American soldiers. Watching the video, it looked sad and emotional but looking at it technically, it was interesting seeing photographs and video clips together of course not forgetting the background sound which supported the video a lot. The reason why I chose such a book was because, I wanted to go further, and see how other photojournalists worked with a similar situation. Am interested in photographs when taken in action.

For me photojournalism means “story telling”. And in that case, I would say,taking photographs of the subject when in action describes the best of what you as a photographer trying to show to the audience. “Expressions” of the subject would be another main point, which I had seen in the book, I had selected. Personally, I am not interested in war or in any projects connected to violence, but looking at the work of Jimmy Hare, I can learn how to arrange my photographs to tell a story. What’s good about his work is that the photographs are natural. That means a lot to me as a photojournalist, Personally I dont like to edit my work if its about story telling. Let it be as it was at the scene.


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