Dream Project: Tribes And Cultures.Karamoja

We as a class were asked to write down our dream project, I am interested in different tribes and cultures, as a photojournalist I love to share stories from different parts of the world especially East Africa, why East Africa? I was 3 months when I came to Uganda From Pakistan, studied, made friends and got used too to the place, although I am aware of the culture in Pakistan and also love it too.

For my dream project, I would love to do a project on the Karamojong, a tribal area in the northern areas of Uganda, they are one of the oldest tribes in East Africa and have a rich culture. I have never seen the people and the place but know the history, the main reasson why I want to do this project is because, I want to show how these people stay,work,and what they do for a living. It would be some thing different, different from the way we live,work and so on. Personally, I want look deeply into the tribe and experience the way these people live. Karamoja is very different from where I stay,Kampala the capital city of Uganda, as a photojournalist it would be great to capture such tribal areas and also spread the culture or show the culture to other people who do not have an idea of what this tribe looks like. I got inspired by Steeve Bloom, who photographed the Masai in Kenya, Karamojong and the Masai share almost the same cultural. Bringing cultures together would be a great challenge for me but over coming the problem makes it more interesting.

five bullet points I would start with.

1-reading the history.(newspapers,internet)

2-looking at the photographs.(google images.e.t.c)

3-watching documentaries.(youtube e.t.c)

4-Questioning the people who know the place.



Because I could not photograph the Karamojong,so,basically I asked my friends to wear there cultural dresses, and that’s the Pakistani cultural. The dress they are wearing is called Shalwar Kamiz. Basically, they come from a province called Punjab in Pakistan, the punjabi cultural is very different from the karamojong in Uganda. Karamojong are more of cattle keepers and are never settled at one place, where as the punjabis do different things now! that would include farming, personal businesses and joining politics.


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