The Sochi Project-Rob Honstra.

Last week, we looked at the work of Rob Honstra, especially the Sochi project,apart from being a bar attender,he is a  documentary photographer and in that case Rob’s idea was to tell a story about Sochi, a place in Russia. Rob’s project was about the Olympics winter games in 2014. He wanted to tell a story what people were interested in. His project has started from 2009. Rob’s work combines the best of documentary storytelling with portraiture, found photographs, and other elements over the period of traveling to the place. The work is more focussed on young people. And later on 101 Billionaire, the famous book was released.



Rob’s work some how relates to my project I want to do. “what is happening” matters. If I talk about the technique or the way he photographed his or her subject would be different from mine, I am interested in taking photographs of the subject when in action and less interested in portraiture. For me pictures in action describe more. What relates my project to Rob’s is “a specific place”. I was inspired by the way how Rob had explained his work,after watching the video in class, I would be more interested in watching videos or looking at other works how people describe there projects.


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